Vind | Offshore blade installation tool

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Project description

Complete requirement specification, concept evaluation, design, development, manufacturing and tests of blade tip tool for upending and installation procedures for 73.5 m blade from offshore installation vessel.

Project advantages

Identification and analysis of the installation process for pre-bended offshore blades for next generation 6 MW class wind turbine including development, design, manufacturing and test onsite of the tip tool system. The system is based on electro-mechanical tightening devices with overload protection for safeguarding the blade. The system is designed to ensure a free 90 degree movement of the blade tip from horizontal to vertical and the blade is fully secured in the tool at all times to avoid damages to the blade. An automated release function is also included in the system to release the blade after installation. The system is designed according to the Machinery Directive, Eurocode and EN13155.

Project value

  • Gentle handling of blade tip and trailing edge through the complete upending, installation and releasing processes
  • Fully automated system for the complete process chain and remotely controlled from vessel
  • Eight weeks fast track design project incl. manufacturing tip tool and tests onsite