What we do

thomas-as is an engineering consulting company with a completely new approach to the idea of engineering. We don’t really make products. Rather, we prefer to say that we develop concepts. And when we label our company a Concept House, we actually mean that what we do is challenge many concepts and beliefs. And we do it in a carefully planned process – a process that provide us the freedom to challenge conventions and rethink every step – and still stay in control of the project in whole.

We call it the thomas®process – and the six steps are explained here:

step 1 | The customer informs us about the task

We address a wide range of challenges.
From “We have problems with our processes/products”
To “We want to increase our turnover”

step 2
 | The art of seeing the whole picture

We ask questions on a broad basis.
Only questions asked on a broad basis will give us the full picture.
This way, we can solve the right problem – the core problem.

What we do:
• Interviews and observation
• Stakeholder and influent analysis
• Value chain mapping
• Establish process baseline
• War room data sorting
• Initial business cases

step 3
 | New knowledge leads to new insight

Step 2 may have redefined the problem. The task formulation must therefore be changed because the solution is part of the problem. And because everybody must have a common
understanding of the needs to be met.

What we do:
• We adapt the task formulation to ensure approval of a new task formulation

This means that we minimise the risk of looping back as we move on to subsequent steps.

step 4 | Analysis and concretising

With the task formulation in place, we continue concretising the task.

What we clarify:
• Specifications of requirements
• Facts, data, time, price, etc.
• Inputs from all stakeholders

step 5
 | Creative thinking shows new ways

A staff with a wide range of competencies looks at the challenges with new eyes and new perspectives.

What we do:
• Ideation
• Concept development
• Concept validation

step 6 | Engineering art and realisation

A high level of professionalism and experience ensures smooth implementation.

What we do:
• Construction and design
• Documentation
• Calculations
• Tests
• Product maturing
• Evaluation
• Verification

The thomas®process

• that we solve the core problem
• that the value chain is seen from a holistic point of view
• that the practical implementation is in place