Hopefully, you don’t have so much experience that it has completely killed your creativity.

thomas-as is always looking for personalities with curiosity, open minds and a knack for analytical thinking.

Working at thomas-as

thomas-as is a dynamic and different engineering firm undergoing incredibly exciting changes. We are 20 staff members and we need more. Have you got what it takes?

We are working to expand and develop our customers’ possibilities

We assume that you have experience, that you are competent and that you are ready for new challenges – because we have a lot of them for you. In addition, we offer you responsibility, influence and freedom. We see all these things as key to creating the best for our customers – mainly large and medium sized traditional engineering trade companies.

Don’t show up here and do the same as everybody else

We promise that you will be challenged in your new position with us. And we expect you to challenge us. Your ideas, your personality and your competences will be subjected to constructive, critical and affectionate discussions.

We believe that the synergy between diverse people is what really makes a difference when we as a team strive to find the sublime, simple and effective solutions.

You are obviously a professional, but also ready to give and take in an environment where a sense of humor is taken seriously – as an essential prerequisite for genuine creativity.