Experts in wind energy

Within the wind industry thomas-as is one of the leading engineering companies in Denmark.

We have more than 70.000 hours of development experience from specific projects – giving us a profound base for working with research and development in all parts of the value chain – both within the onshore and offshore segment.

thomas-as has succeeded in creating efficiency improvements of 20% to 300% within the following areas:

 Creating Value In

• Value chain & baseline analysis/mapping
• Technology & product differentiation
• Cost out (components & sourcing)
• CAPEX & OPEX reduction
• Process optimization (manufacturing & logistics)
• Global sourcing

thomas-as covers the entire development process – form customer briefing to implementation.
Read more about layered thinking and the thomas®process HERE

 R&D – examples

• Concept studies, development and sourcing of equipment for multiple blade production lines between 40 m and 80 m
• Concept studies, development and sourcing of transport equipment & logistics solutions
• Concept studies of logistics & installation processes for offshore turbines
• Concept studies and development of automation strategies & solutions
• Concept studies on assembly line for mounting of yaw system in nacelle structure
• Development and sourcing of lifting & handling equipment
• Change management processes to optimize link between management strategies and operational execution

For more in-depth information on this
– see our case section HERE

Radical innovation – examples

• Concept studies and development of tower & internal solutions
• Future Blade Paradigm
• Concept studies and development of nacelle cover solution