Competence overview

Business development

• Value chain analysis
• Identification of value and cost drivers
• Development of business cases
• Analysing the business situation of a product
• Market screening
• Stakeholder management
• Technology screening
• Sparring regarding product strategies
• Visualization of complex process and communications flows
• Profitability Analysis
• Establishment of KPI measurement systems

Project management

• Project execution using the thomas®process
• Management of projects of 50-18.000 hours duration
• Experience in managing large international projects
• Certified project managers
• Creation and management of time plans
• Management of project economies from 100 – 8.000k€
• Status reporting

Concept development

• Concept generation through thomas®4C
• Employees trained in interview and observation techniques
• Detailed collection of information and data
• Facilitating of brainstorms and workshops
• Effectively use of idea generations techniques
• User involvement
• User driven focus through projects
• Validation of data
• Commercial evaluation of concepts
• Maturation of concepts
• Patent and IR work tasks

Product- & component development

• CAD design (Solid Works, Pro/Engineer, Solid Edge, Inventor)
• Design of “everything” from small plastic components to large specialized machines
• ”Design-for-Manufacture”Development of products and machines in steel, aluminium, fibre materials and plastic
• Manufacturing documentation, support and follow up
• Internal quality insurance processes

Production & process optimization

• Mapping of production flows
• Localization of bottlenecks in production setups
• Technology transferred from alternative businesses
• Development of alternative productions setups

FEA/CFD simulations

• More than 20.000 hours of simulation experience
• NAFEMS-certified simulations experts (Registered Analyst)
• Simulation competences within SolidWorks Simulation, ABAQUS, ANSYS Mechanical, Solid Works Flow Simulations etc.
• Linear and nonlinear simulations
• Wide knowledge within international norms, standards and regulations including Eurocodes
• Screening of norms, standards and regulations related to specific projects

For an extended overview of our FEA/CFD competences as well as norms and regulations, read HERE 

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