At your service

We are the visionary partner to our customers. Together we create concepts, by challenging traditional methods and beliefs. From the design of small plastic components to the development of large process installations, we deliver competent, intelligent solutions to our customers.

Creativity – and focus

We often challenge conventional wisdom when we approach our customers’ problems and projects. Viewing things from new perspectives can sometimes trigger a truly creative process that sparks new insights and alternative solutions. At the same time, however, we are engineers, and we have a strictly practical way of doing things – the goal is to create optimum solutions for our customers in each and every project. Our natural curiosity and sharp analytical skills are always supplemented by intensive use of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and/or CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis).

Tools and talents

Although advanced computer-based tools may be useful in many cases, they are – well, just tools. Our true strengths come from our experience and the wide range of competences in our team. At thomas-as engineering, we find that the process of sharing knowledge and challenging each other leads to more efficient teamwork – and better solutions for our customers.

Get the job done

When you are working with our engineers, you’ll find that dedication, precision and responsibility are present in every phase of the process. The team at thomas-as engineering offers you all the benefits of a creative, competent and professional partnership. In addition, you will find that all projects evolve within a strictly controlled process – we keep a steady hand on the steering wheel to ensure a goal-oriented and focused project development. We’ll provide you with transparent and updated information on all aspects of our work, including detailed quotes as well as continuously updated reports on the development of time spending and other costs concerning the project.

What we do

We provide solutions within:
• Product development and process development
• Development of machines and components
• Product optimisation
• Process optimisation

A young and dedicated team

thomas-as engineering is a young team of dedicated machine engineers – with several years’ experience of machine construction. The use of analytic tools like CAD design and FEA is an integral part of most of our solutions.

In control of the process

When you are working with our engineers, you’ll find that dedication, precision and responsibility are present in every phase of the process. We focus first and foremost on our customer’s needs – and all our solutions are developed in close co-operation with you.